Skills Needed to be a Good News Writer

In the past I have never been the biggest fan of writing because it requires a lot of time and effort to create anything remotely good. I signed up for this class because it was something I was interested in majoring in it. My advisor described it as a class focused on writing smaller piecesContinue reading “Skills Needed to be a Good News Writer”

A Psychiatrist Wrongfully Placed a Girl in a Mental Hospital

By: Ava Johnson April 25, 2021 Jamie Hoffman relapsed into a very dark, depressive state after the start of quarantine last summer. She searched for professional help where she ended up being misdiagnosed and forced into a mental hospital. Mental health awareness has become a larger issue in today’s society, and Jamie’s experience helps showContinue reading “A Psychiatrist Wrongfully Placed a Girl in a Mental Hospital”

The Meaning and Importance of Women’s History Month

When Sam Hanek entered high school, she began learning about American history. During this she realized the struggles minorities went through, specifically women’s constant fight for equality. She knew from that moment on she couldn’t leave this world without trying to make a difference for all women and minorities out there. Sam’s currently a freshmanContinue reading “The Meaning and Importance of Women’s History Month”

New Discoveries About Antartica’s Bizarre Environment

Researchers traveled to Antartica to study The Shackleton Glacier which has been moving and greatly affecting the surrounding environment. Somehow creatures, that are descendants of animals that were around millions of years ago, have managed to survive and these researchers want to know how. Melisa Antonia Diaz, a postdoctoral scholar from the Woods Hole OceanographicContinue reading “New Discoveries About Antartica’s Bizarre Environment”